Thousands of Strain Relief and Grommet Designs

Overmold Tooling

....With over 2,500 overmold tooling designs and  more than 100 types of connectors. ISC's. standard designs as well as custom molded cable assembly designs are now available. ISC's  modular system is key to reduced cost. The logic of our design is to provide the most efficient use of modular molds to increase the scope of product with the smallest possible expense


Custom Medical Cables for Applications Worldwide
Global Impact, Highest Technologies, Materials and Processes

High Quality Design - High Performance Engineering
Rapid Prototypes and Development - Production in the USA


Medical Multi Connector TransitionCustom Medical Cables for the Global Markets
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  • Medical Devices
  • Overmolded Electronics, PCBs, Sensors
  • Mold Parts and Tooling
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Custom medical cables and devices is one of our specialties. Located in California, USA, our company designs and manufactures custom medical cable assemblies and electronic interconnects for a very large diversity of applications used worldwide.

We are globally known for the highest technologies, materials and processes and we supply innovative solutions to an industry changing rapidly, with trends such as the increased use of wireless medical devices, faster communications and networking, all fiber and fiber to the desk, high resolution scanning and medical imaging.

With high quality cable design, high performance cable engineering, rapid prototypes and development and quick production in the United States we can satisfy the needs of medical equipment and medical device producers and customers worldwide.

Custom Medical Cables

Over the years we developed more than 2,500 molded cable designs and over 1.5 million standard strain relief designs for various industries and our company can provide all the custom medical cable manufacturing and injection molding services you need.

Please see below our strengths:

  • Highly dedicated team with decades of knowledge and experience in standard and customized solutions for the medical industry
  • Cutting edge overmolding technologies for devices that assist in advanced wireless medical and many other applications
  • Custom Medical Cable Design, Built to Print / Built to Specs, OEM Medical Interconnects
  • Medical cable engineering for high performance and precise operability in hospitals and medical facilities of any kind, including mobile units in outdoor settings, etc
  • Custom medical cable prototypes and rapid development, unique designs, newest cable, wire and medical connector types
  • - Custom medical cable manufacturing for Low and Medium quantities; precision mold machining in our Chino, California vertically integrated factory, which is a State of the Art Injection Molding facility fully equipped with new CNC machines, injection molding machines, work stands, etc.
  • We meet and exceed Quality Standard of Facilities for Medical Device and Cable Manufacturing
  • High Volume USA and Global Manufacturing Ready
  • Molded Medical Electronics, PCBs, Sensors, etc. designed and manufactured in house
  • Custom Cable Mold Tooling with modular tool design to achieve the lowest costs for a very large diversity of connectors from leading and specialized manufacturers
  • Chino California Warehouse for standard molded parts and standard mold tooling
  • Off the Shelf standard cable boots, cable strain reliefs, cable grommets, cable bushings for both circular and rectangular connectors

Molded Medical Cables manufactured in the USA

Molded Medical CablesProducts manufactured in the USA are in high demand and we are excited to help the medical industry with cables, devices and interconnects for the global markets. We are already tooled for a large diversity of medical connectors such as AMP Tyco Electronics Connectors, Amphenol Connectors, C&M Connectors, Conxall Switchcraft Connectors, FCI Connect Connectors, Fischer Connectors, Hirose Connectors, Lemo Connectors, Mill-Max Connectors, Molex Connectors, Multi-Contact Connectors, ODU USA Connectors, and Omnetics Connectors.

Contact us today for a Quick Quote and to buy molded medical cables, cable mold parts or modular mold tooling.

USA and Global Manufacturing Ready

We manufacture and overmold custom medical cable assemblies and custom medical devices in small to medium quantities. If you are interested in high volume production in the USA or overseas, please contact us. Our custom cable manufacturing company satisfies quality standards of facilities, such as ISO9001:2000, ISO9002:2000, ISO14001:2004, and ISO13485:2003.

Quality Standards of Facilities for Medical Products

ISO Standards include ISO9001:2000, ISO9002:2000, ISO14001:2004, ISO13485:2003
FDA Registered Sites, etc.

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