Thousands of Strain Relief and Grommet Designs

Overmold Tooling

....With over 2,500 overmold tooling designs and  more than 100 types of connectors. ISC's. standard designs as well as custom molded cable assembly designs are now available. ISC's  modular system is key to reduced cost. The logic of our design is to provide the most efficient use of modular molds to increase the scope of product with the smallest possible expense


Cable Molding for Outdoor Installations

Outdoor Cable Assembly Molding, Cable Harness Molding and Strain Relief Solutions


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We provide cable molding services for interconnects used in outdoor installations. Located in Chino, California, our manufacturing company can help customers worldwide with Outdoor Cable Assembly Molding, Cable Harness Molding and Strain Relief Solutions. Please contact us today for:

  • Outdoor Cable Assembly Design, Engineering, Prototypes, Molding and Manufacturing
  • Custom Mold parts manufacturing - cable strain reliefs, cable grommets, cable boots, etc
  • Encapsulated PCBs and Electronics for Outdoor or Indoor/Outdoor Applications
  • Wireless and Wired Communication Products for Aerial or Burial Applications
  • Liquid Tight Strain Relief, Fittings, Cord Grips, Cable Glands for indoor or outdoor applications, such as equipment cabinets, car washes, hot tubs, instrumentation, carpet cleaning machines, food processing equipment, underground for direct burial, or underwater
  • Custom Molded Cables for Outdoor

High Performance, Flexibility, Speed and Excellent Customer Support

Custom Molded Cables

Come with your Design or Let us Design it for you, from mold parts to cable assemblies or harnesses

In House manufacturing or Ready to be manufactured elsewhere, Globally Ready Solutions

Solutions Fully integrated with your equipment

Custom Cable Assembly Prototypes
We are truly an engineering company! What makes our molding company unique in the cable assembly industry is that a customer can request a custom cable or custom molding solution to be prototyped or developed and then they have the option of full production elsewhere.

Custom Mold Tooling
We develop custom designed service tool solutions for our customers, and they can take the prototype elsewhere to get manufactured.

Pick and choose what fits best
We offer a wide range of cable molding and strain relief solutions from which to pick and choose what fits best. Our specialists work hard to customize the interconnects for the highest performance at the lowest costs. Many of our customers have been with us since our company was established.

Improved Efficiency and Shorter Times to Market
Our company’s unique resources improve efficiency-times to better market customer’s new products, while providing cost-effective results by integrating design, tooling strain-relief and assembly processes into one single solution for customers.

Broad Choices for OEMs
Our business structure also allows original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers many broad choices for integrating custom-molded cables into their design and supply chain, which they might not otherwise have been able to accomplish.

Molding for Customers who do not have Molding Resources
Our capabilities include molding “ends” for customers who do not have molding resources, molding custom strain-relief sections onto a customer cable-assembly, providing discrete molded accessory items to provide strain-relief for assembled connector ends, designing and fabricating custom and standard mold-tooling, and providing custom-molded assemblies to OEM users who are unable to get a solution otherwise on account of tooling and lot-size.

Contact us today to request more info about our Cable Molding capabilities for Outdoor Installations.

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