Thousands of Strain Relief and Grommet Designs

Overmold Tooling

....With over 2,500 overmold tooling designs and  more than 100 types of connectors. ISC's. standard designs as well as custom molded cable assembly designs are now available. ISC's  modular system is key to reduced cost. The logic of our design is to provide the most efficient use of modular molds to increase the scope of product with the smallest possible expense


Solar Cables, Harnesses and Photovoltaic Cables

Custom Molded Cables and Strain Reliefs for Green Energy

Solar CablesAs a high tech engineering and manufacturing company we offer a comprehensive product range for photovoltaic connectivity, such as solar cables and harnesses designed for applications worldwide. Our customized solutions address the needs of module producers, component producers, large corporate installers and system integrators interested in high performance, reliable molding and strain relief solutions for solar panels, solar arrays, invertors, batteries, etc.

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Wiring of solar installations and power plants is a field in which overmolding plays an important role, due to requirements linked to outdoor exposure, including humidity, UV-radiation, ozone, light, wind, temperatures, precipitations, etc. That’s why factory pre-assembled, overmolded and tested photovoltaic cables and harnesses, either standard or custom can help in fast deployment.

Connectivity solutions for photovoltaic power systems

  • IP 67, IP 68 Cables, Harnesses and other Interconnects
    Overmolded Junction Boxes for Thin Film and for Crystalline Modules
  • Standard solar cables - cables according to specific markets such as the United States, or other countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia, or multi standard
  • Custom Solar Cable Assemblies, Modular Harnesses and Array Harnesses
  • Module Interconnects with complete, overmolded harnesses, pre assembled in conformity to customer’s specification
  • Over molding for photovoltaic branch connectors
  • Wire jumpers between solar panels, solar roof tiles, between panels and AC/DC inverters, "home-runs"
  • Solar Array harnesses pre assembled according to customer’s specification
  • Solar Components and auxiliaries for on site assembly
  • Cables with overmolded connector at one end, cables with over molded connectors at both ends
  • Molding of Chassis receptacles, Branch connectors, Inline fuses, Inline diodes, Protective caps
  • Standard and custom Molding parts and components for solar cables and harnesses
  • Mold tooling for Solar cables with modular design for lowest costs
  • Consulting for solar interconnect molding and strain relief, injection molding machines, how to setup a shop for injection molding, selection of materials, connectors, components and accessories, etc.

Global Alternative Energy Ready

Design, Engineering, Prototypes, Molding, Mold Tooling and Manufacturing

Photovoltaic array harnesses and cables: everything is preassembled and ready to plug
Harnesses 100 % tested
Overmolded connectors: outstanding environmental seals, excellent strain relief, unsurpassed ruggedness and durability
Extremely sturdy: overmolded connector often even stronger than the cable
Highest protection degree IP 68, halogen free, UV and ozone resistant
Connectors from leading manufacturers, such as Lumbers, Tyco Electronics and more


Sleek and slim

Optionally lockable according to NEC 2008 NFPA 70 connectors, cables, junction boxes

Industrially pre-assembled, overmolded and tested

Alternatively field-attachable


With integrated locking

Alternatively to be unlocked either manually or only with a tool, acc. to NEC 2008 NFPA 70

Connectors, cables, junction boxes

Industrially pre-assembled, overmolded and tested

Alternatively field-attachable


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